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An ecommerce site built using React, TypeScript, and Shopify Hydrogen.

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Sway Sauce
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This is a website I created for my client's recording studio, Conquer Recordings. It was created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Materialize design framework. It uses Javascript to control waypoint navigation on the page, to update a dynamic footer copyright date, to capture user data from a contact form that then sends it to the client via an SMTP relay, as well as to create a dynamic slide show of images on the home page. I also designed a separate store page for the client using PayPal buttons that process a payment and immediately direct the user to an automatic download of a product once payment has been completed.

View it in action here:

Conquer Recordings
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About Me

Hi, my name is David Thrasher. I'm an Atlanta, Georgia native with a passion for bringing digital concepts and ideas into fruition. I graduated in October 2017 from Georgia Tech's full stack flex coding bootcamp. During my time there I learned many front end and back end technologies that help me develop applications on the cutting edge of Web Development. I love working together in teams and learning from other developers, and I'm always striving to conquer the next challenge that comes my way. If you're looking for someone to build your website/application with an eye for detail, then consider me for your next project. Let's create something together!

David Thrasher


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